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Tactical Dependency Solutions – ADaM

ADaM Tactical Solutions – Market Data Dependency

Operational risk is a term used to describe ‘failed dependencies’.

ADaM is the enterprise framework tool that identifies and controls these dependencies.

As a tactical solution to specific dependency requirements, ADaM’s fast-track discovery modules and Data Transformation utilities offer an effective way to identify core dependencies and map them into the knowledgebase.

The built in governance and audit features provides both ownership and visibility and this provides the framework for a successful initiative.

For Market Data professionals, ADaM provides the mechanism to manage not only the core infrastructure, the myriad of vendor applications and the internal data dependencies for your platform, but it can also provide visibility of the organisation’s spreadsheet dependencies.

Find all those real-time Add-ins, identify the downstream linking of Exchange information and prove to the Auditors and Compliance that you are in control.

Spreadsheet dependency for Add-ins like Bloomberg, Reuters, PowerPlus Pro, Arcontec, Speedwell or Caplin, as well as links to data from the organisation’s Trading platform or Finance system.

ADaM will also identify the dependency between the Front Office spreadsheets and those used by the Middle and Back Office, ensuring that you have visibility of the onward distribution of fee liable data.

The adoption of ADaM will provide a workbench that will enable an organisation to monitor and control business dependencies and produce meaningful reports which highlight technical and operational risks.

Knowledge gaps in individuals’ understanding of the interdependency of the infrastructure components, and perhaps more importantly, a lack of understanding of the Business processes that the infrastructure supports, can be the single largest barrier to effective management of a Business IT environment.

The ADaM Universe is the environment and therefore it provides complete transparency of the potential impact, the source of the data, the technology employed and the business ownership.

All stakeholders can make a full assessment of the impact of changes to either the business processes resources or the technology upon which they depend.

By highlighting the business importance and dependency links prior to the deployment process, disruptions and business risk can be both controlled and predicted.

Existing control systems rely heavily on the knowledge of the individual requesting the change to the environment. In many cases it is the gaps in their knowledge of other systems and dependencies that prevent the full effects of the deployment to be comprehended or to assess its impact to an organisation’s business processes.

ADaM provides the mechanism to monitor and trap such knowledge gaps by referencing the universe.

ADaM ensures that all parties work with current and factual information by producing dependency reports for any component within the universe.

The ADaM Desktop presents the universe in a familiar ‘Outlook’ tree view, making it simple to navigate. A web-based portal access is included for business mangers and for viewing the knowledgebase.

Client Configuration

ADaM can be customised for almost any environment. Changing the terminology and topology to reflect client-specific infrastructure enables ADaM to adopt a ‘colloquial’ facade so that the underlying dependency matrix fits into a client-specific environment.

  • Produces risk analysis and impact reports.
  • Addresses regulatory requirements and reporting.
  • Creates a Knowledge Base of the Business and IT Operational Landscape
  • Provides Governance model with Role based controls
  • Includes Full Compliance and Audit Control
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ADaM is an enterprise dependency analysis tool that identifies and controls the interdependencies that exist within all complex Business installations. ... more

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